9 reasons to go out and get walked by some dogs

I’m just in from two hours of fun and frolics, walking the dogs at 2nd Chance Rescue. The animal shelters here get zero support from the government and the volunteers and handlers do an incredible job of keeping these places going. Here are nine reasons I think you should go walk some dogs after work or during the weekend

  1. Dogs are fun and cute and lovable (that’s actually three reasons)
  2. The people you meet are generally speaking really coolAnimals in Qatar
  3. It gives you some perspective on what’s involved in taking care of an animal… think carefully before taking on that responsibility folks
  4. You get to spend time outside in a place where there’s mud and trees and grass
  5. You get some exercise, but it doesn’t feel like effort because it’s so enjoyable. Yes – it’s hot out and you will sweat, but fear not – it won’t kill you
  6. They get some exercise, and they need it, even in summer
  7. Volunteering assuages some of the middle-class guilt most of us in Doha feel
  8. You get to see other animals too – depending on which shelter you visit there are cats and kittens, monkeys, goats, bulls and horses and more!
  9. You might find an animal you want to give a ‘forever home’ to (more on that tomorrow!)

The shelters each have their own policies for visiting/volunteer times, the ones I have been to are QAWS, Paws Rescue Qatar and 2nd Chance Rescue – follow the links for more details. Pick your favourite and get walking! Make sure to wear suitable clothes and bring a bottle of cold water. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more posts!

3 thoughts on “9 reasons to go out and get walked by some dogs

  1. Omar says:

    Though I do love dogs I don’t think that animal rescue is my speed. It’s an awesome thing to do though. Do you know of any other places that are looking for volunteers Katie? I really want to get involved.

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