How to create a B2B Digital Content Strategy

The concept of Content Marketing is still in its infancy for most B2B organisations; for the most part we associate it with consumer brands.  Today, I want to talk a little bit about that the background to B2C Content Marketing, and how it differs to the idea of building a B2B Digital Content Strategy.

The principle of using digital content to attract your target audience is almost like the opposite of advertising; with advertising, you spend a certain amount of money in the hopes of reaching your target audience with a message that is primarily designed to sell your products or services. You hope you’re getting in front of the right people, but you can never be sure, and it’s difficult to figure out what stage of the buyer’s journey your potential customers or clients are at.

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Content Marketing works by attracting people who are interested in your products and services to your site by providing them with useful, relevant, actionable and entertaining information. By providing value to your audience up front, you build a relationship with them on their terms, and establish trust. Some common B2C methods of Content Marketing include hair and beauty brands that upload tutorials on how best to use their products on YouTube, personal trainers who post photos with exercise tips on Instagram or marketeers who give away free ebooks.

When it comes to creating B2B Digital Content Strategy, the focus is less on the ‘infotainment’ style of content we often see with consumer brands, and much more strongly focused on thoroughly researched insights, thought leadership and immediately actionable information.  Hard data is important, and should be complemented with high-level interpretations of the data and other industry challenges and trends from senior leaders. Struggling to figure out what your clients want that kind of insight on? Don’t guess; just ask them.

If you’re thinking about developing a B2B Digital Content Strategy, check out our presentation below where we cover:

  • How to develop content from scratch
  • B2B Influencer Marketing
  • Gaining buy-in from employees and senior leaders
  • Measuring Impact and ROI

Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts on B2B Digital Content Strategies, and how they differ from B2C.

public-relations-katie-harringtonKatie Harrington is a Communications and Content Marketing professional based in Galway, Ireland. Her book, Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art launched in November. Katie has worked with global brands including Emirates Airline and Allianz, as well as the Irish parliament and Qatar’s semi-government oil and gas company Nakilat. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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