[Review] Brussels to Doha in Business Class with Qatar Airways

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have my first experience of travelling in Business Class. And not just with any airline either – I was onboard with the opulent, award-winning Middle-Eastern airline, Qatar Airways.Unless you’re a celebrity or high-powered business-person, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Here, I’ve broken down some of the highlights of my Qatar Airways Business Class experience.

Once onboard

katie-harrington-qatar-airways-giorgio-armaniThe first thing you notice onboard is the level of individual attention you get. With just a dozen or so passengers in Business Class, the Purser greets each individual warmly and personally. The cabin crew greet you by name, and treat you like a superstar. Once seated, you’re served a beverage, and your first little surprise is that the flight kit your eye mask and flight socks come in is branded Giorgio Armani, and comes with an intoxicating travel-sized perfume and body lotion from their Si collection. Already, my expectations are exceeded.

The rich middle-aged people sitting near me smiled indulgently as I took photos of everything from the perfume to the bowl of warm mixed nuts I was served before take-off – they knew I wasn’t a regular around these parts.

The safety announcement

katie-harrington-qatar-airways-safety-videoThis isn’t a specifically Business Class thing, it’s across the board, but I wanted to give a mention to Qatar Airways’ safety video. The airline sponsors Barcelona FC, and rather than create a standard, boring safety video that nobody pays any attention to, they’ve put quite a lot of effort and imagination into creating a different kind of video starring the Barcelona players and their own cabin crew.

The players demonstrate the safety features from the football pitch, the subs bench, the crowds and other settings, while a commentator highlights important instructions. I was really impressed with this and thought it was a great way to engage people in an important topic that many people ignore.

The food

katie-harrington-qatar-airways-business-classRather than doling out food to everyone in one go as happens in Economy, the crew ask you before take-off what time you would like to have your meal at. It’s a small touch but it’s a great touch that once again makes you feel that little bit special! I really enjoyed the Arabic mezze I had for starter, although the hummus may have lost a little of it’s flavour at altitude (did you know that flying impacts the flavour of food?). The main course of chicken and veg was simple but tasty, and the dessert of ice cream and berries was delicious. Although I don’t drink alcohol, I felt the occasion called for some bubbles, so I ordered what turned out to be a very enjoyable glass of Qatar Airways’ sparkling grape juice, So Jennie.


Sinking in to the comfort

imageI was delighted to be seated in the very first row in a window seat. Most of the solo travellers seemed to have been given this option, while the middle seats were given to couples who might have wanted to sit together. The seat reclines fully without encroaching on the person sitting behind you. I sat up straight while I was reading, reclined a little for maximum relaxation while I watched the latest Hunger Games movie, and lay down flat for a nap mid-way through the flight. The level of comfort was incredible, and I didn’t even realise until after the flight that those chairs have a massage button too! I’ll know for next time.I don’t know if Qatar Airways have totally caught up with Emirates yet in terms of in-flight entertainment, but it’s very close. The bathrooms were much more luxurious, with shaving kits and toothbrushes left out for passengers.



Destination reached

I was almost sad that my flight was only six hours long, but I was totally reinvigorated by the time we landed in Doha. Since my least favourite part of any flight is waiting for all the slow coaches to get their hand luggage and get off when the plane touches down, I loved strolling off the plane without any queueing. I was directed straight to the Business Class Lounge, where they have an immigration counter with no queues, so there was zero stress upon landing.

Overall, it was an incredible travel experience, and one that I hope I get to do again in the future.

Have you ever travelled in Business? Or even First Class? What was the highlight of the experience for you?

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37 thoughts on “[Review] Brussels to Doha in Business Class with Qatar Airways

  1. maryam says:

    You’re so lucky ! I’m a huge Barcelona fan so for the first time I’ll pay attention to that haha and also I think I’ll make them regret asking me what I want to eat lol

  2. Johna says:

    Awesome! I’ve never travelled in first class or business class but maybe one day!! For sure I will also be taking photos of EVERYTHING! Haha.

  3. KatR says:

    What an experience! I know that I would have felt like royalty being treated with such 5-star service! I would have been taking pictures of everything, too! I have only had the opportunity to fly once. It was a short 90-minute flight on a commuter plane. We were served packaged nuts and your choice of bottled water or choice of a few soft drinks. lol

  4. tp keane says:

    I went business class only once and boy was I spoiled for the rest of my life. Never again will I be satisfied with the cramped box of an economy seat. But alas, I fear me and my beloved business class shall never be together again.

  5. Christina says:

    I have never flown Business class but I can certainly see the appeal. That gift bag is divine! And to be able to time your food to when you actually want to eat is very civilized.

  6. Joanna says:

    Wow, what a great experience! My only “special treatment” in flight happened when I flew with the Emirate’s Airbus A380. Even if I was in economy, I was treated like a VIP. I think it’s because the plane is so special. There was no champagne but there was a menu to chose dinner from with about 3 different options and when the clock hit 5 PM, I was given an afternoon cream tea (cause we were flying from Dubai to London). I found that to be such a nice touch.

  7. Anna says:

    None of my flights in the US look like this. I need to be traveling with you 🙂 We’re lucky to get a small bag of peanuts. I love the food and the comfort level is key! Great review! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  8. Kerry says:

    Wow, you look like you were treated like a star! I actually have that perfume so I would have loved that. Never flown with this airline but I think I may need to!

  9. Florence says:

    Wow! You’re very lucky! I’ve only flew with Emirates and I have always wanted to go on business class! Nice flight and so nice to share your experience 😀 (You made me jealous now) ahah

  10. Mollie says:

    I’m happy you had great service! I think this is super important for longer flights because you get super tired so bad service seems to add to a bad mood (which you don’t want when you get to your destination).

  11. Lala says:

    Last year I travelled first class for the first time with Emirates. I LOVED everything about it, but the highlight had to be having a shower on board! I’m glad you enjoyed the experience, I’ve never flown with Qatar but it looked quite luxurious.

  12. RashmiChalukya says:

    We have travelled through Qatar Airways a couple of times but never in business class. Your post has intrigued me and am surely gonna try business class once. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Eugenia says:

    Glad to hear you had such a great experience! This travel kit branded by Giorgio Armani is simply incredible! Si is one of my favorite perfumes! As for me, I’ve never travelled in first or business class, maybe one day! I am a huge fan of FC Barcelona, so this airlines would be perfect for me!

  14. Allan Liwanag @ The Practical Saver says:

    You are so lucky. I bet you had a great time. My wife and I would love to travel on either first or business class. But part of our being just tells us that we don’t wanna to pay for it. Hopefully, one day, we get to shell out money to experience what it feels like to be in that airline seat class.

    • Katie says:

      Believe me – I don’t think I’ll ever travel business class if I have to pay the full fare for it. Life pro tip: Befriend people who work for airlines!

  15. Ming says:

    Wow, what an experience you have been! I have read that Qatar Airways is one of the finest business class airlines. Everything is exquisite…

  16. Marge Gavan says:

    Ooh lucky you! I still haven’t experienced it, well actually, I haven’t experienced riding a big plane yet. I’d love to ride on business class and most especially first class. I think it’d be such an amazing thing to experience.

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