After almost 10 years in the corporate world, I began providing B2B Content Marketing services through Harrington Communications and Content in 2018.

I work with all kinds of companies to decide what kind of content they need and help them to create it. This includes articles, blog posts, e-books, white papers, and video scripts; any form of the written word. I can also help with B2B content strategy, social media management, email marketing, and PR. You can see examples of work I’ve done with previous clients here.

These days, we’re overwhelmed with content from the moment we wake up and check our emails to that last glance through social media before we close our eyes at night. It can be exhausting. That means that the challenge in 2020 and beyond will be to create content that genuinely resonates.

What should B2B Content Marketing look like in 2020?

For companies focused on B2B Content Marketing, that means:

  • Genuine thought leadership based on original insights from experts
  • Data-driven research and analysis
  • Educating and providing resources to your audience

My goal is to help companies create content that people actually want to read, and share with their colleagues. While I’m always happy to optimise content for SEO, I believe we should write for the reader first and Google second.

My clients include Accenture, KPMG, LearnUpon, Roomex, PressPage, Irish Gift Solutions, RoundShark and more. I see my role as helping clients to build an authentic relationship with their audiences.


You can read testimonials from previous clients on my LinkedIn page. Recent clients for B2B Content Marketing have said:

  • “We recently starting working with Katie to outsource some of our content production. She quickly got up to speed on who our audience is, the topics we write about, and is now producing high quality content for us on a weekly basis.” Caroline Lawless, Marketing Manager, LearnUpon
  • “Katie helped me and my team get around a tight deadline when we had a bottleneck in our content production process. The quality of work was fantastic and she was nothing but professional throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katie for any writing or copy-writing work you might need done!” Pete McAllister, Founder, RoundShark