A masterclass in measuring and evaluating PR

public-relations-katie-harringtonWhen a company’s budget is stretched, Public Relations is often the first target for ‘trimming the fat’. We’re at the top of the list when the time comes for cost reductions but we barely even make the list when it’s time to increase spend.

And in a way, we deserve it. Why, you ask?

Because historically, we haven’t been very good at demonstrating how our campaigns can convert strangers into lifelong customers, how we protect our organization from scandal, how we build and maintain brand value, how we change attitudes and behaviors.

Essentially, how we impact the bottom line.

.Justify a bigger PR budget now

If you’re trying to put together your 2018 budget, and wondering how to justify your request for a bigger budget, this course is for YOU.

If you know you and your team had an awesome year but you’re struggling to find ways to get it down on paper in black and white, this course is for YOU.

If you’ve got a new client who doesn’t fully understand the value of PR, and you need to demonstrate to them how you’re going to measure and evaluate your success, this course is for YOU!

I have spend months researching this, talking to other PR professionals and developing the strategies and tactics outlined below. For the bargain price of $69.99 (offer available until 6th October 2017), you’ll receive the kind of insight an agency would charge you hundreds – maybe even thousands – to get a glimpse of.

Get started now

So what does the course involve? There are five modules. I have spend MONTHS looking at the best ways for modern PR teams to show off when they’ve succeeded and the strategies you need are just a few clicks away.

  • Module 1 – Here, we lay the groundwork, looking at what best practices are and what mistakes from the past we should definitely not be repeating
  • Module 2 – Diving right in, we look at how Data and Analytics have changed PR, and how we can use them to demonstrate who we’re reaching AND how engaged they are with our brand
  • Module 3 – Focused on demonstrating a change in attitude or behavior, this module is especially relevant to government, not-for-profit and political entities
  • Module 4 – The Magic Formula – An evolution of the Cost per 1000 reached formula that gained some traction in recent years, we offer you a fool-proof formula to PROVE how much impact your campaign made in DOLLARS. Then we offer three simple ways to verify the math.
  • Module 5 –  Reputation management and cost savings – In our final module we look at how PR and Communications teams can literally save MILLIONS for their organisations by preventing scandals and other crises from causing a negative reaction in the press

So, there you have it.

Let’s do this

At midnight on October 6 2017, this price will go up to $99, so don’t delay. For the moment, I’m offering a free PR Measurement template and a 30-minute coaching call as part of the deal – but that can’t stay up there forever (it’s too valuable!)

And if you need even more reassurance that this is a good buy, bear in mind that you are privy to a 30-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee. So, it’s risk free!